Sunday, April 4, 2010

Electric Jeepney Philippines by PHUV

The city of Puerto Princesa's latest electric vehicle acquisition!

The E Jeepney by PHUV (Philippine Utility Vehicle, Inc.) The Mayor had this new E jeepney dropped off at our Green Tech EcoCenter, the authorized service/maintenance and dispatch center for all the city's EV's.

We tested it last night and it is the smoothest ride of all the EV's in the city's inventory. I want one now!

Another article: Thursday, 07 January 2010

Original Article January 28, 2008

Auto parts makers to produce Pinoy electric jeepney

Except from article:
The entire Climate Friendly Cities Program will therefore complement the Waste Segregation Program of the government, convert biodegradable household wastes into electric power, then use this electric power to charge and operate smoke-free electric jeepneys to provide transport in an environment-friendly public transport system and help save the environment.

GRIPP is a partnership spearheaded by Greenpeace International organized in pursuit of its Climate Friendly Cities Program.

It includes MVPMAP and is funded by a Dutch NGO, the DOEN Foundation, which will fund 50 units of the emission-free electric jeepneys for the program.


  1. may contact numbers po ba kau sa phUv Inc?

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  3. Haha nicee!! This jeepney reminds me of those Thai Tuk tuk's!! they're also open from behind and sides. Pretty cool ride that was. I bet this is too.

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