Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zev electric motorbike improved

For 2012, Zev Incorporated changed to further refine and ehance the Zev line of electric motorbikes and scooter. These changes are:

 *Black center wheels with polished rims front and rear matching the new, black, Gen IV modular motor

  *New higher speed rated tires for 150 kmh / 93 mph safety and handling in keeping with the speeds of the new bikes.

 *A new long wheelbase chassis that can hold over 120V or 6. Kwh of battery for the highest battery capacity in the industry for the maximum possible range. No other electric bike company in the world has a model that can hold over 6. Kwh like a ZEV.  The T model chassis can hold over 6 kwh of capacity also.

*Sleeker bodywork with subtle contour changes.

*A massive and highly ridgid swingarm to make the already excellent handling even better.

*New instrument cluster with bright white faces for better day visibility that is fully back lighted for night driving.  100 mph speedometer.

*A new, physically smaller, but better cooled, and high temperature tested controller. Black, small, and tucked in out of harms way.

*A new Gen IV modular motor and wheel with the best cooling in the industry.  This new design allows more  powerful motors and higher speed motors for models to 9200 watts (9.2 Kw) of continous power.  No other electric hub motor can touch this motor in terms of torque, reliability, speed, or efficiency. The magnets are expensive, rare earth, neodymium-iron-boron magnets.

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