Saturday, November 7, 2009

Z ELECTRIC Motorcycle

ZEV ELECTRIC motorcycle has incorporated its new “Electronic Transmission” into all of its high power electric motor scooters.

The Electronic Transmission is a special form of electronic controller for the high power ZEV Ebikes that allows the rider to independently vary both the voltage and the amperage of the current sent to the hub motors at the same time. This allows the rider to obtain the maximum range by keeping the power consumption as low as possible at any given speed or load.

The Electronic Transmission allows the rider to “shift” so that just like a mechanical transmission, the rider can shift to a high rpm (high voltage), low torque (low amp) setting for cruising, or a high voltage, high amp setting for high loads and hills or maximum speed. The throttle controls the voltage; the Electronic Transmission shift button controls the amperage setting. Each touch of the button reduces amps by 20 (always leaving 20 at the bottom level). As an example - the 100 amp X 72 volts maximum power controller would have 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20 amp settings.

To make sure that the new controllers would stand the rigors of the high power bikes, the controllers were tested in a hot box where they were ran at full power, full load for 48 hours at 115 degrees F/45 degrees C ambient air without shut down. Given that the actual installation on the bikes allows for air flow over the deep cooling fins, the test was a bit of overkill.

The ZEV line of electric motor scooters are the fastest and the longest range electric scooters in the world at this time –with the help of the energy saving Electronic Transmission. In operation the rider has a shift button next to the throttle. Once the rider reaches the desired speed, he can touch the button to “shift” down the amp flow, reducing torque, until the bike will only pull the speed desired by the rider. Additionally, regenerative braking is built into all ZEV controllers and bikes so that the bike recharges the battery during braking as it switches the motor into generator mode.

Regenerative braking is of little help on flat land or where the brake is seldom used. However, in very hilly and curvy terrain it is of great help, extending the range 15% to 18% depending upon the bike/road/load/speeds. With the maximum battery capacity in excess of 5.5 Kwh on some models and the help of the Electronic Transmission, the bikes range in the largest battery capacity has reached 160 Km/100 miles in testing. That same bike can exceed 120 kph / 75 mph.

You can see more details of the system and the various models at All ZEV bikes qualify for the 10% Federal tax credit for electric bikes.

For further details:
Contact: DH Zehrbach -Chief Engineer

Personal Desk Phone – 1-304 291 3843

32 West Jefferson Street
Westover,West Virginia,USA 26501

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Electric Tricycle Project Puerto Princesa

Dave Dewbre on 3000 watt electric motorcycle in Puerto Princesa Palawan. A demo model to show Mayor Ed Hagedorn
Dave Dewbre delivering the 3000 watt ebike to Mayor Hagedorn
June 13, 2009 - Mayor Ed Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines, wanted to know if our 3000watt electric motorcycle would pull an existing side car used on their local gas tricycles. That same day Dave Dewbre, EVC-CEO of Digital Web Group, Inc., and Willy Dela Cruz of Eagle Motorcycles Philippines, took it to a welder and an Etrike prototype was ready for testing by 8am the following morning. Mayor Ed Hagedorn inspecting the retrfitted electric motorcycle. We brought the finished eTrike to show Mayor Hagedorn the results. He inspected it and then had one of his drivers test it. Later he decided to test it for himself. The Mayor took off on it like it was a Ferrari! Each of us took turns taking the mayor around the compound on the new Etrike! Even Diana Limjoco, CFO of Digital Web Group, Inc. had to get in on the action."
This was a test of Mayor Hagedorn's EV feasability study to address Puerto Princesa's existing gas tricycle problem. The study was to test the ability of this 3000 watt electric motorcycle to function under existing streets, inclines and passenger scenarios. Mayor Ed Hagedorn, considered the possibility of converting the 4000 existing wide tricycle bodies as a budgetary reduction possibility.

Mayor Ed Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan testing the new E trike prototypeDiana Limjoco, CEO of Digital Webgroup, Inc, takes Mayor Hagedorn for a spin in the Etrike prototype.
Diana Limjoco driving Mayor Ed Hagedorn for the first test drive
on the 3000 watt etrike conversion.
The DWG 3000 watt electric motorbike, provided by DWG, Inc., did indeed make it all day around the town without needing a charge and to date is still running. After consideration for long term use and future needs, city image etc, a more ergonomic and lighter fiberglass body was chosen by the Mayor instead.
Dave Dewbre, EVC (Electric Vehicle Consultant) and CEO of Digital Web Group Inc., along with Willy Dela Cruz, CEO of Eagle Motorcycles, recently announced the upcoming release of electric tricycles in the Philippines. Addressing the need for alternative transportation, driven by emerging economies and decreasing petroleum reserves, Dave Dewbre is on a mission to promote electric tricycle projects for Philippines cities.

Dave Dewbre, an environment protection advocate, invested heavily in EVs and particularly in electric motorcycle research and development for over four years in order to help problems such as air pollution, global warming and rising energy costs. A lot of technology has been developed and more is underway. All of the final products can easily be upgraded as technology changes. They are also safeDave Dewbre takes Mayor Ed Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa, Palawan on a ride on the new Etrkie prototype, economical and aerodynamic in design.

The company will be opening distribution and retail outlets in all major locations. They will also establish several battery charging stations and provide training for upcoming EV mechanics. This project will not only contribute to environment protection, but will also provide job opportunities for the Filipino community.

About Eagle Motorcycles

Eagle Motorcycles is a retailer and distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters, and motorbikes in Asia and the Philippines. Eagle Electric Motorcycles and the Environment Friendly Store were established in response to the need of developing a global electric vehicle market. Eagle Motorcycles have assembled a team of industry recognized experts with vast experience in all aspects of Electric Vehicle procurement, development, and deployment.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Electric Motorcycle benefits

Here's an excerpt from an article that reviews several electric motorcycles, which talks about the benefits of electric motorcycles.

Bart MadsonManaging Editor-

Due to environmental concerns and the fact that $4/gallon gas is now a reality, the desire for alternatives to the internal combustion engine are more in demand than ever before. So, like automobiles, future motorcycles figure to be greener, more efficient machines. Who knows, 50 years from now riders may look back at our gas-engine beauties the same way we look at Roper's steam-powered relic.

Plug-in electrics, hybrids, fuel cells and even compressed air all hold promise in the years to come. And the next big thing in motorcycle design may already be out there. So let's take a fresh look at the alternative two-wheelers.

Electric powered motorcycles are the most developed alternative technology available. And electric power seems well suited to a two-wheeled design, as a lighter overall weight means smaller motors and fewer heavy batteries are required than those on an electric car. The electric motor also figures to be a good application for a commuter motorcycle, with immediate torque delivery for quick spurts of power (in theory, as we have yet to sample any electric-only designs yet, although we're working on it.)

Electric vehicles, produce no emissions and operate at a high level of efficiency. Right now the biggest drawbacks to electric motorcycles are low top speeds and short ranges. Most bikes are limited to 50 mph top speed, or less, with ranges under the 50-mile mark as well - usually under 20 miles. Breakthroughs in battery technology, however, may solve some of these shortcomings, with new Lithium-based batteries promising lighter weight and more potential power.

On the plus side, those few miles traveled will be affordable ones for the operator, as some estimates place the electric cost per mile as low as $0.02 or less. (Compare that to a 25 mpg gas car, which at $4/gallon costs $0.16 per mile - at $4 gas even a 70 mpg conventional gas scooter is over a nickel per mile.)

Another advantage to electricity as an alternative source of motorcycle power is the delivery infrastructure is already in place, with electric bikes needing only an empty socket to get juiced back up. While charge time takes longer than filling up at the pump, getting to the station is a lot quicker and the monthly payment of one utility bill would replace all those depressing, budget-shrinking fuel stops.

The environmental benefits of the electric motorcycle come from zero emissions produced. The catch being that while fossil fuels are not burned directly during the operation of an electric motorcycle, the majority of electricity in the U.S. is still generated from coal-burning powerplants. Electric designs are not wasteful, however, with claims of up to 90% efficiency and the big green pay-off comes with the future development of renewable energy as a significant contributor to the electric grid - still decades away but a growing sector nonetheless.

Monday, August 17, 2009

3000 watt Electric Motorcycle

Dave Dewbre on electric motorcycle in Tucson, AZWhen I went back to our home in Tucson, AZ, this March 2009, I ordered up a 3000 watt electric motorcycle. I rode it up the steep mountain side to Mount Lemmon. Not a problem hauling my big self up there on that one!

I liked it so much that before we got back to the Philippines, I ordered another unit of the same model to be sent to our Subic house. I ride around the even steeper hills of Subic Freeport 3000 watt electric motor bikewith no problem!

Dave Dewbre with surrogate daughter,Alysha Ariela Ricaplaza
I had a saddlebag made for it while I was in the Philippines and ordered a trunk so I could carry my water bottles in it. You don't want to go too far in the deserts of Tucson, Arizona without an ample supply of water.

Now Alsyha rides around with me and this Ebike doesn't feel it at all! This thing is a powerhouse! Even with Diana and me on it, it still zooms around just fine!

I haven't tried riding around with me, Diana and Alysha yet though. It's been raining horses and buffalos until just three days ago.
Dave Dewbre on 3000 watt DWG electric motorbike in the Philippines
I outfitted this bike with flashing colored lights in the front to be seen better at night, and my DWG waterproof motorcycle speakers! We don't have to blast the speakers to hear the tunes!

1000 Watt Electric Motorbike

Dave Dewbre on 1000 watt electric motor bike on the beach in Barrio BarrettoI bought my first 1000 watt electric motor bike from Eagle Motorcycles Philippines last year, 2008, to putter around on in beautiful Subic Freeport, in Olongapo, Zambales. It was such a joy to drive around on a motorbike that didn't choke me with fumes and best of all, it was so quiet! I was able to sneak up on all sorts of wild Dave Dewbre on 1000 watt Eagle electric motor bike with daugther Alysha Ariela Ricaplazalife that abound right off the paved roads winding through the forests around here.

Our little surrogate daughter, Alysha, loved the motorbike from the first day I placed her on one! She is now a year older and is totally hooked on them.

I didn't have any trouble going up the hills alone, even though the unit did slow down on the steeper hills, but now the baby is older and heavier, so I ride this unit alone now for errands.
1000 watt electric motor bike from Eagle Motorcycle Philippines
I have since bought a 3000 watt motorcycle that is capable of climbing the steep hills in Subic. This way my wife Diana and Alysha can easily go along for my rides through the forest or to nearby restaurants and this e-bike doesn't slow down enough for me to care...although of course, being a previous owner of a Honda Shadow tourer, I am looking into the 5000 watt unit.

I haven't figured out yet how to tell Diana that I am getting even a larger e-bike! hahaha