Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zev electric motorbike improved

For 2012, Zev Incorporated changed to further refine and ehance the Zev line of electric motorbikes and scooter. These changes are:

 *Black center wheels with polished rims front and rear matching the new, black, Gen IV modular motor

  *New higher speed rated tires for 150 kmh / 93 mph safety and handling in keeping with the speeds of the new bikes.

 *A new long wheelbase chassis that can hold over 120V or 6. Kwh of battery for the highest battery capacity in the industry for the maximum possible range. No other electric bike company in the world has a model that can hold over 6. Kwh like a ZEV.  The T model chassis can hold over 6 kwh of capacity also.

*Sleeker bodywork with subtle contour changes.

*A massive and highly ridgid swingarm to make the already excellent handling even better.

*New instrument cluster with bright white faces for better day visibility that is fully back lighted for night driving.  100 mph speedometer.

*A new, physically smaller, but better cooled, and high temperature tested controller. Black, small, and tucked in out of harms way.

*A new Gen IV modular motor and wheel with the best cooling in the industry.  This new design allows more  powerful motors and higher speed motors for models to 9200 watts (9.2 Kw) of continous power.  No other electric hub motor can touch this motor in terms of torque, reliability, speed, or efficiency. The magnets are expensive, rare earth, neodymium-iron-boron magnets.

All Zev electric motorbikes can be purchased from:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Electric Trikes for Puerto Princesa International Airport

First electric tricycles as taxis for Puerto Princesa International Airport

Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan has recently ordered the first batch of forty (40) electric tricycles (eTrikes) to serve as taxis to and from the Puerto Princesa City International Airport. The eTrikes will be supplied by local assembler Green Tech EcoCenter (GTE) in partnership with PhUV Inc., the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Phils. (MVPMAP).

L to R: Dave Dewbre, ET developer, Mayor Ed Hagedorn, Diana Limjoco-GTE President, Helen Limjoco, Diana's mother.  This is ET3 the prototype used to test the motors for the new ET4 Airport model.
"Since the eTrikes will be locally assembled using a fiberglass body that is also locally made, this project not only helps clean the air in Puerto Princesa but also provides local employment and marginal businesses for local enterprises", says Mayor Hagedorn after inspecting GTE's prototype of the eTrike, the first ever fully assembled in Puerto Princesa.
Et4 first prototype for PPC Intl. airport, fully assembled in Puerto Princesa by local workers.

ET4 with removable doors on.

He explains that his long-term vision is to actually replace all 4,000 gasoline-powered tricycles in Puerto Princesa City with eTrikes as part of his Clean Air Project aimed at preserving the blue skies and fresh air in the city. "Aside from helping protect our environment, this project will also transfer electric tricycle technology to our locals and enhance the skills of our local tinsmiths, welders, auto painters, auto mechanics, auto electricians, upholsterers, trimmers, assemblers and fiberglass makers".

Diana Limjoco, GTE president, says that what GTE will make commercially available is the 4th generation of GTE's eTrike or the ET4. "This will be a full electric vehicle running solely on pure battery power. It will be powered by a 5 kw electric motor that can more than cope with large loads of luggage and six passengers comfortably seated, without straining the motor. This electric motor is of a more advanced technology as it is equipped with an internal cooling fan", she explains.

"The development of the eTrike has been fast-tracked as we are fortunate enough to have as our partner PhUV Inc., the assembler of the electric Jeepneys in Manila. They supplied us with some of the parts we needed and technology they themselves have acquired in their three-year experience in locally assembling and servicing eJeepneys. We believe that this partnership will produce an eTrike that will soon be a mini taxi, not only in Puerto Princesa but throughout the Philippines as well", she concludes. Hubby Dave Dewbre is the genius behind the breakthroughs in the new Et4 Electric trikes for the airport.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zev 7000 electric motorcycle

Zev claims to have the world's fastest and most powerful PRODUCTION electric motorycle!

14.6 KW launch or standing start power!

Faster than any of the advertised speeds of any other electric motor scooter (advertisements which may or may not be true). Compare to the advertised specifications listed on other company web sites and brochures. Faster than the $10,000 or the $8,700 Vectrix scooter. Save $2,000 and get better performance with ZEV. Faster than any other production electric motorcycle!

The ZEV7000 will run 113 kph / 70 mph speeds. Take it out on the Interstate highway and run. Customers have run this bike at full throttle for over 20 miles. Acceleration was this bikes main design factor. Punch the shift button for the power boost into second and you can feel the front wheel get light.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles and motorcycles

Pictured above is the yellow Zev 7000 watt electric motorcyle which qualifies for a Federal and or State tax credit depending on where you live in the U.S. With a $6000. Colorado tax credit and a 10% Federal credit, this fastest production ebike with cost you UNDER 500.00 more or less, if you live in Colorado!

on  Electric vehicles, e scooter, e bikes and motorcycles.

If you live in the United States there are now federal 10% tax credits up to $2500. USD!

Also each State has incentives on top of that, including Colorado which will give a tax credit up to $6,000!!
The Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit will apply a savings of up to $6,000 to your choice of qualifying electric motorcycle. Then add another 10 percent credit from the federal government.

Here are some informative links to check out:

Pictured below is a 4000 Watt electric motorcycle which qualifies for Federal and or State tax credits.

Available at Environment Friendly Store online.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Electric Jeepney Philippines by PHUV

The city of Puerto Princesa's latest electric vehicle acquisition!

The E Jeepney by PHUV (Philippine Utility Vehicle, Inc.) The Mayor had this new E jeepney dropped off at our Green Tech EcoCenter, the authorized service/maintenance and dispatch center for all the city's EV's.

We tested it last night and it is the smoothest ride of all the EV's in the city's inventory. I want one now!

Another article: Thursday, 07 January 2010

Original Article January 28, 2008

Auto parts makers to produce Pinoy electric jeepney

Except from article:
The entire Climate Friendly Cities Program will therefore complement the Waste Segregation Program of the government, convert biodegradable household wastes into electric power, then use this electric power to charge and operate smoke-free electric jeepneys to provide transport in an environment-friendly public transport system and help save the environment.

GRIPP is a partnership spearheaded by Greenpeace International organized in pursuit of its Climate Friendly Cities Program.

It includes MVPMAP and is funded by a Dutch NGO, the DOEN Foundation, which will fund 50 units of the emission-free electric jeepneys for the program.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Electric Tricycles - a reality

The electric tricycle project we started with Mayor Ed Hagedorn in May of 2009 is finally a reality in Puerto Princesa. We have been testing the new models at our showroom off the National Highway at our Green Tech EcoCenter. Though we still have to make adjustments on the body, we are happy with the performance of the electric motors.

Dave Dewbre driving the Eagle electric tricycle for the Love Affair with Nature Event

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Z ELECTRIC Motorcycle

ZEV ELECTRIC motorcycle has incorporated its new “Electronic Transmission” into all of its high power electric motor scooters.

The Electronic Transmission is a special form of electronic controller for the high power ZEV Ebikes that allows the rider to independently vary both the voltage and the amperage of the current sent to the hub motors at the same time. This allows the rider to obtain the maximum range by keeping the power consumption as low as possible at any given speed or load.

The Electronic Transmission allows the rider to “shift” so that just like a mechanical transmission, the rider can shift to a high rpm (high voltage), low torque (low amp) setting for cruising, or a high voltage, high amp setting for high loads and hills or maximum speed. The throttle controls the voltage; the Electronic Transmission shift button controls the amperage setting. Each touch of the button reduces amps by 20 (always leaving 20 at the bottom level). As an example - the 100 amp X 72 volts maximum power controller would have 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20 amp settings.

To make sure that the new controllers would stand the rigors of the high power bikes, the controllers were tested in a hot box where they were ran at full power, full load for 48 hours at 115 degrees F/45 degrees C ambient air without shut down. Given that the actual installation on the bikes allows for air flow over the deep cooling fins, the test was a bit of overkill.

The ZEV line of electric motor scooters are the fastest and the longest range electric scooters in the world at this time –with the help of the energy saving Electronic Transmission. In operation the rider has a shift button next to the throttle. Once the rider reaches the desired speed, he can touch the button to “shift” down the amp flow, reducing torque, until the bike will only pull the speed desired by the rider. Additionally, regenerative braking is built into all ZEV controllers and bikes so that the bike recharges the battery during braking as it switches the motor into generator mode.

Regenerative braking is of little help on flat land or where the brake is seldom used. However, in very hilly and curvy terrain it is of great help, extending the range 15% to 18% depending upon the bike/road/load/speeds. With the maximum battery capacity in excess of 5.5 Kwh on some models and the help of the Electronic Transmission, the bikes range in the largest battery capacity has reached 160 Km/100 miles in testing. That same bike can exceed 120 kph / 75 mph.

You can see more details of the system and the various models at All ZEV bikes qualify for the 10% Federal tax credit for electric bikes.

For further details:
Contact: DH Zehrbach -Chief Engineer

Personal Desk Phone – 1-304 291 3843

32 West Jefferson Street
Westover,West Virginia,USA 26501